Bet and Move Mobile Casino Affiliate Programme Welcome to BetandMove Mobile Casino Affiliate Programme. The most talked about Mobile Casino affiliate programme in the UK

BET&MOVE Affiliates

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We offer high conversion

  • Our Affiliate Software is provided by Income Access
  • As a mobile and tablet only operator our system is built with mobile in mind, meaning our fraud protection, CRM and Cashier are tailor built for m-Commerce and optimised to make the most of your traffic
  • Our Casino software is provided by Probability Games, the market leader in mobile Casino software


  • We offer table games like Roulette and Blackjack. Our ever expanding portfolios of Slot Games include progressive Jackpots for added marketability. We offer 1 minute Bingo, the perfect Bingo game for mobile users
  • Lifetime earnings on your acquisitions
  • No Negative Carry Over- We carry your losses in any given month
  • Small is beautiful. All of our partners are precious to us. We work for you as much as you work for us
  • We care. No corporate BS. No run around for you. That’s our promise to all our partners


  • iPhone to iPad, Galaxy S3 to S4, G1 to Galaxy Tab, Nokia N95 to Windows Phone… You get the point
  • Whatever new devices or Operating Systems come along, we will always be the 1st to support them. Ensuring no wasted traffic for you
  • Our Casino Games are built for mobile play. They are built to meet the expectations of mobile Gamers and are never simple ports of online ones. We offer titles like Contract Killer and Samurai vs. Zombies Slots, real money casino versions of popular iOS and Android games that connect with mobile players


Bet&Move is about partnership. We believe in it, we encourage it and we depend on it. What does it mean to us? Firstly, we understand that we are in partnership with our players and therefore must strive to give them a great mobile betting experience in exchange for their loyalty. Secondly and equally important is the partnership with the people who help to bring those players to our brand, our affiliates. We hope you will soon be part of this growing number of people who believe in partnership in the same way that we do.